GOLDMAN MUSIC: Funs Applauds Gold Band For An Amazing Performance On Easter Friday Worship

Multiple award winning Ghanaian gospel musician Daniel Agyin popularly known in showbiz as GOLDMANN once again put an amazing performance with Gold band last Easter Friday and fans can’t keep mute about it. 

The live studio recording event which was virtual and streamed on all Goldman’s music and social media platforms was just an amazing encounter on it last edition with gold band and some spirit filled gospel musicians.

speaking to , The gospel minister said,

To God be the glory great things he has done first of all I want to say thank you to all the team who helped to organized Good Friday worship 2022 .

I cannot leave out Gold Family Band you guys have done a good job I can’t wait for 2023 Good Friday worship.

I quite remember when I was discussing this with a friend that, I have realized there’s less activities on _*Good Friday*_ except going to Good Friday church services so I am thinking of organizing a program on that day because it’s a significant day on the Christian calendar , his response was that, let’s pray about it and here we are three years.

2022 edition featured Minister Nshira Tina,Minister Abigail ,Minister Annette Danso,Minister Newman, the *Levites, Decent Voices and Richard Mireku* from South Africa the supporting band was gold family band.

Right after the Easter Friday worship, Minister Daniel Agyin (GOLDMANN) is out again with another power track titled NYAME ADOM and it’s doing very well on all music stores across the globe.