God has a way of promoting my music , I don’t look up to men ~ Emelia Arthur

Kyer3 me kwan gospel hit maker and Made in Ghana ambassador Emelia Arthur has reacted to tiktokers claims and said on live tv that , She will never give her songs to Tiktokers for promotion. 

According to the gospel musician, God has a way of promoting her songs ever since she started doing music. She further explained how she’s been very relevant on the Ghanaian music market in the showbiz and entertainment industry without TikTok promo.

Sha Said, God gives me the idea of writing my songs and I believe he adds a lot of things that will make it more easier to get to the people he wants her music to bless .

The gospel musician on metro tv entertainment review made claims of being able to pull a proper publicity stunts even more than the so called tiktok celebrities when necessary and disclosed a lot of promotional strategies to back her own project.

Emelia Arthur is out again with another inspirational track titled Osoro ABUE and it’s doing amazingly well on the Ghanaian market with a powerful video.

She’s still on the made in Ghana promotional campaign and remains the only on Ghanaian celebrity known for her made in Ghana vibes across the country.