Emerging Artists Should Tap Into The Grace Of Senior Colleagues By Being Submissive – Selasie Brown

Young artists should tap into senior colleagues’ grace by being submissive – Selasie Brown

Gospel musician Selasie Brown has opined that submitting yourself as young talented musician under the guidance of celebrated musicians will only increase your relevance while ushering your career into the industry with the right audience.

Speaking in an Interview on the Christian Entertainment Review show, Selasie explained that, being guided into the gospel music scene by artists like Ohema Mercy, Empress Gifty and the likes will only increase your respect and not take your talent away from you.

“Being guided or submitting under experience musicians doesn’t mean you are going to wash their clothes but rather tapping into their blessing by submitting your self under their grace. They carry an audience and experience and that can change your career whilst guiding you”, she said.

“They can help you master your craft in a way that can propel you to excell. But the young talents we have now are acting more spiritually calld than their senior.”