Ella Cadie Lectures Students Of Blue Crest University College

Ella Cadie Lectures Students Of Blue Crest University College.

Blue Crest University College and it’s school of fashion & design on Tuesday 24th May, 2022 held a guest lecture themed “Get Noticed: The unidentified sparkle in every day fashion” with Samuela Ablerdu Nakwor also know as Ella Cadie as the guest speaker.

Addressing the student body Ms Samuela described fashion accessories as the secret ingredient that can turn an outfit into something memorable.

“Accessorizing may seem like a simple concept yet requires a set of skills to pull it off, a well placed accessory can give a new life to an outfit you’ve won a dozen times”. She added

The interactive lecture session, also gave the opportunity for participating students to ask questions after the presentation.

Ms. Samuela who is the CEO of Ella Cadie Jewelleries motivated, inspired and encouraged patrons to attain their set goals with focus and determination.