2022 PROPHECIES! Nigel Gaisie swerves Dampare by calling Ghana Omuofia

Controversial Ghanaian prophet and the founder and leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel prophet Niggel Gaisie smartly swerves IGP Dampare for referring to Ghana as Umuofia during 2022 prophecies!

Before the man of God would release dozens of prophecies that night, he emphasized on the fact that he’s not referring and would not say anything about Ghana.

However! Though he made mention of a certain Umuofia country, almost all his 31st December prophecies were directed to Ghana some Ghanaians disclosed.

Prophetic ministry they say is for the wise indeed , some Ghanaians who follows the man and his prophecies have commended him for such a smart move .

Nigel Gaisie walks a free man after several prophecies released into 2022 .